Everything Texture: How to determine your curl type

Everything Texture: How to determine your curl type

Determining your curl type is an essential concept when it comes to natural curls. Doing so helps understand the unique characteristics of your hair and allows you to choose the right hair care products and techniques to keep your curls healthy, defined, and frizz-free.

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What is texture

Texture can be defined as the fabric of your hair.

More specifically, texture can also refer to the shape of individual hair strands, which can be straight, wavy, curly, or coily. The overall pattern in which these strands are arranged on the scalp also contributes to texture, with some people having more densely packed hair than others.

In other words, all hair has texture. 

What are the different curl types

 The curly typing chart is a diagram that categorizes different curl types on a scale from 1 to 4 ( 1 representing the least amount of curls, 4; being the most). In addition, there are sub-categories (A to C) which define the tightness of the curl or coil.

This chart, although not exact, represents a guideline to identify different curl types.

How to determine your curl type

Refer to the curl chart mentioned above. There is a visual representation of each curl type (1-4; A-C). Additionally, it is completely normal to have different curl patterns.

Why is it important to identify your curl type

Each curl pattern has its specific need.

Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference ( as well as porosity), texture can influence your hair regimen.

Tighter curls/coils ultimately will have more volume and tend to be dryer (tighter curls and coils make it harder for oils to slide from the roots to the ends), therefore would need heavier creams, and oils.

Looser curls may be finer and can feel easily weighed down by heavy creams and oils.

Ultimately, the choice of products you use and that work based for your hair are best found through trial and error.