Introducing your newest wash day essential

Vegan. Silicone, paraben + Alcohol free

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Paraben, sulphate + alcohol free

Powerhouse ingredients for Sunday Curls, Every day.

With all-natural ingredients, including Rosemary Oil and Ama-leaf, our repairing hair mask nourishes from the inside out for strands that are soft, strong and frizz-free.

Vegetable proteins + Rosemary oil
Formulated for Curly + Textured hair
Smooths Frizz + Restores shine

Salon-Grade Products at home

How is frizz+co different?

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Smoothes frizz + Restores Shine

Our Repairing Hair Mask nourishes from the inside out for strands that are soft, strong and frizz-free.

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Hydrates + Defines

The all-natural, powerhouse ingredients of the deep conditioner will hydrate and define your curls after every use.

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Full Self-care experience

Featuring a light, creamy texture made for all hair types that will elevate your Wash Day experience

1. Start with ready-to-wash curls

We get it. Wash Day can be dreadful. We have designed our mask to enhance your experience while using it.

On your (Self-Care) Sunday or Wash Day, start the process with ready-to-wash curls.

Pro tip: Set the tone. Our repairing hair mask can be paired with your favourite playlist, a glass of wine - or whatever makes you feel good.

2. Wash Hair

Once in the shower, wash your hair with your favourite shampoo to remove build-up. The objective is to start the deep conditioning process with fresh, clean curls.

Towel dry your hair, ideally with a microfiber or T-shirt to avoid damaging your curls.

Apply the hair mask to damp hair. Let sit for 30 minutes. Rinse. Style as usual.

3. Final Result

Sunday curls for the rest of the week.

The moringa butter, baobab oil and vegetable proteins from the hair mask will leave your curls feeling hydrated, strong and super defined. Have we mentioned the custom scent with hints of tonka bean + tobacco?

We recommend you use the Repairing Hair Mask once a week to maximize the effect on your curls.


I am in love with this mask! It smells SO good and keeps my curls SO hydrated. Will be repurchasing

Marianna Reis 

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